my new boyfriend

His name is Tivo. I love him. Sooo bad.

So, I spent tonight flipping through the ol' tivo trying to catch up on some of the shows I've missed. I have two things to say:
  1. Congrats, Mr. Hicks, on your American Idol win. I knew you were going to make it.
  2. Why oh why did they send Dave home on Top Chef? He absolutly won that. I don't give a rat's ass that he forgot a dish. He won the other two. Doesn't that count at all? I swear they rig this shit, like Chloe winning Project Runway. Totally. Rigged. F#%$ing Bravo.

all new holidays!

Happy Victoria Day to you!

I have no idea what Victoria Day is, and my husband who is currently in Canada still cannot get a straight answer from the Canadians as to what it is, but he has the day off of work for it so I guess we'll all just wear orange and chase lemmings down deserted city streets and eat corn on the cob and make out with random passers-by in celebration. That sounds like a fine holiday to me.